GMHVA 2022 Executive Board Chairpersons

Executive Board

Honorary President and First Gentleman Jeffrey Cook
President Toni Pecon
Vice President Jina Rojas
Recording Secretary Tammy Apuya
Corresponding Secretary Annabelle Apuya
Treasurer Terese Calvo
Assistant Treasurer Shaha Jiffry
Members-at-Large Maria Perez and Carn Amparo
Immediate Past President Christine Calvo


Standing Committees

  1. Gift Shop/Ongoing Capital Activity:  Manager, Lina McDonald; Assistant Manager, Dorothy Borlas; Administrative Assistant/Safety Officer, Lou Lujan; and Point of Sale (POS) Core Team Leader, Cecilia Solidum.
  2. Steering:  Chair, Cecilia Solidum, and members: Lina McDonald, Terese Calvo, Jina Rojas
  3. Membership:  Chair, Terese Calvo
  4. Sunshine:  Chair, Hilda Pellacani; Co-Chair, Aurea Fisher
  5. Nomination:  Chair, Dorothy Borlas
  6. Marketing and Publicity:
    • Media Coverage for Sponsored Events:  June Perez
    • Chats:  Business - June Perez;  Sunshine - Terese Calvo
    • Website:  Frances Sablan, Linda Simon, Anna Garrido
  7. Finance:   Chair, Terese Calvo, Treasurer;  Co-Chair, Shaha Jiffry, Assistant Treasurer
  8. Fundraising:  Chair, Jina Rojas
  9. Installation, Recognition and Awards:  Chair, Josephine Mesa; Co-Chair, Maria Perez
  10. Angels In Need:  Chair, Beverly Lotz
  11. Patient Services:
    • Co-Chairs: Vicky Aguon and Myrna Aquino
    • GEDA Grant Administration: Nora Aguon, Loling Yoshida, Maria Perez, Jina Rojas
  12. Education and Social Development:  Co-Chairs:  Anna Pangelinan and Edna Nery
  13. Ad Hoc Committees:
    • Awards Program – Lina McDonald, Maria Perez, Hilda Pellacani, Evelyna Akimoto-Shoda
    • Rules and Procedures Review – Rita Cruz
    • Grant Application – Angie Mummert, Jina Rojas, Beverly Lotz, Jo Mesa
  14. Parliamentarian:  Beverly Lotz
  15. Historian:  Frances Sablan and Virginia Leon Guerrero
  16. Community Outreach:  Annabelle Apuya and Tammy Apuya
  17. Healing Tree:  Tina Calvo, Marcy Tiong, Frances Sablan and Annabelle Apuya