GMHVA 2023 Executive Board Chairpersons

Executive Board

Honorary President and First Gentleman Jeffrey Cook
President Toni Pecon
Vice President Jina Rojas
Recording Secretary Lucy Evangelista
Corresponding Secretary Evelyn Blas-Castaneda
Treasurer Terese Calvo
Assistant Treasurer Rita Untalan-Guerrero
Members-at-Large Tammy Apuya and June Perez
Immediate Past President Christine Calvo


Standing Committees

  1. Gift Shop/Ongoing Capital Activity: Manager, Lina McDonald; Assistant Manager, Dorothy Borlas; Administrative Assistant/Safety Officer, Lou Lujan; and Point of Sale (POS) Core Team Leader, Cecilia Solidum.
  2. Steering: Chair, Cecilia Solidum, and members: Lina McDonald, Terese Calvo, Jina Rojas
  3. Membership: Chair, Terese Calvo
  4. Sunshine: Chair, Hilda Pellacani; Co-Chair, Aurea Fisher
  5. Nomination: Chair, Dorothy Borlas
  6. Marketing and Publicity:
    • Media Coverage for Sponsored Events: June Perez
    • Chats: Business - June Perez; Sunshine - Terese Calvo
    • Website: Frances Sablan
  7. Finance: Chair, Terese Calvo, Treasurer; Co-Chair, Rita Untalan Guerrero, Assistant Treasurer
  8. Fundraising: Chair, Jenny Cruz
  9. Installation, Recognition and Awards: Chair, Josephine Mesa; Co-Chair, Maria Perez
  10. Angels In Need: Chair, Beverly Lotz
  11. Patient Services:
    • Co-Chairs: Vicky Aguon and Myrna Aquino
    • GEDA Grant Administration: Maria Perez and Jina Rojas
  12. Education and Social Development: Chair, Christine Calvo, Immediate Past-President
  13. Ad Hoc Committees:
    • Awards Program – Lina McDonald, Maria Perez, Hilda Pellacani, Evelyna Akimoto-Shoda
    • Rules and Procedures Review – Rita Cruz
    • Grant Application – Angie Mummert, Jina Rojas, Beverly Lotz, Jo Mesa
  14. Parliamentarian: Beverly Lotz
  15. Historian and Charter Wall: Frances Sablan and Virginia Leon Guerrero
  16. Healing Tree: Tina Calvo and Marcie Tiong