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Volunteering is Rewarding

The Guam Memorial Hospital Volunteers Association (GMHVA) is a nonprofit organization of dedicated people, who, through their gift of time, talent, and personal interest, supplement the professional hospital staff in caring for the comfort and welfare of the patients, personnel, and visitors to the hospital.

Hot Meals for GMH Night Shift Front Liners

Santa’s Helpers (Celine Calvo, Melva Calvo, Vinson Calvo, Josh Lujan and Kris Cruz) lend a hand to GMHVA pink ladies as they deliver hot meals to our Guam Memorial Hospital night shift frontliners.

We thank all our donors especially McDonald’s (who provided the meals for the month of December) and the Ysrael Family for their continued support.

And a shout out to the volunteers who treated the night shift with a hot holiday meal on Christmas Eve.


Margaret Ann Jones, 1965 Founding Member, Guam Memorial Hospital Volunteer Association, may be gone but her memory lives on in the hearts of the volunteers or “Pink Ladies” as they are fondly called. Margaret passed away in 2019.

To preserve her memory, the family presented a check for $31,500 to the GMH Volunteers earlier this year. They asked that this donation go towards “patient care” a project dear to Margaret’s heart where she actively volunteered most of her time, and to hospital lobby upgrade hoping to facilitate patient and visitor movements.