To work in partnership with the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority in rendering voluntary services to the hospital, patients, families and visitors and to engage in charitable fundraising activities, and the attainment of grants, donations, and bequests for the purpose of securing funds to be used for the improvement of quality health care at the GMHA.



To build upon the legacy of Cecilia Bamba and the Charter Members and to promote the spirit of volunteerism through our work. With our “prescription of love” our goal is to bring comfort to thousands of hospital patients and their families. What began over 50 years ago as a helping hand for doctors and nurses has now become the heart of the Guam Memorial Hospital community.

“Pink Ladies”

According to longtime volunteer and charter member, Margaret
Jones, Cecilia Bamba organized the GMHVA among a group of her friends. They
met and established their bylaws, volunteer hours, and even their pink pinafore
uniforms, modeled after the Academy of Our Lady of Guam uniforms. :-)