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GMHVA Lifetime Award Presented to Susie Arceo

On January 12, 2022, Jesusa “Susie” Arceo was presented the prestigious GMHVA Lifetime Award for her 20 years of dedicated service as a volunteer. 
Congratulations Susie!   We appreciate your contributions and commitment as a GMHVA member since 2001

Jan 6 Three Kings Celebration

GMHVA Volunteers Sunshine Committee celebrates their annual Three Kings tradition with healing prayers for the sick and those convalescing at SNU (Skill Nursing Unit).

GMHVA Receives $25,000 Grant

GMHVA is the recipient of a $25,000 grant from the GEDA Qualifying Certificate Community Contribution Grant Program to provide baby gift kits to uninsured, MIP, or Medicaid mothers.

Mobil Oil Guam Donates $1,000

Ms. Toni Pecon- Vice President, GMHVA; Ms. Chirstine Calvo-President GMHVA; Mr. Jimmy Tim Chau Hau –President Mobil; Ms. Catherine Leon Guerrero-Administrative Assistant-Mobil